Questions and Answers

Do I have to buy Hardcat or other software to perform the audit?

- No!  We supply the tools as well as the people to do the audit.We use another asset management software system, how does this work?
- It does not matter what system you are using. The data captured will be supplied in   
the commonly used CSV text file format that can be imported into your existing
system if required.

Our current assets have manual codes, how does this work?

- Hardcat will barcode your assets as well as capture the existing manual asset

Where do we get the barcodes from?

- We will supply them.

What materials are the barcodes available in?

- Laminate, plastic, aluminium, polycarbonate or metal.

Our current assets are barcoded, can we use these barcodes?

- Yes!

How do we reconcile the audit with our current asset register?

- Hardcat has reconciliation programs that will reconcile your current system with the
audit results.

How do I integrate barcoding with my current system?

- The barcoded assets collected during the audit can be imported back into your
existing system keeping the existing asset code but giving the benefit of barcoded

What type of assets can I audit?

- Any type of asset can be audited, computer equipment, furniture, plant, building,
vehicles as well as utility assets such as power poles etc.

How long will the audit take?

- As our audit services are scaleable, the audit can be carried out within a timeframe
required by the client.

How much will the audit cost?

- Call us. We are happy to give you an obligation free proposal and quote.

The cost of the audit will be a fraction of the cost incurred by using your own staff as well as other companies who have attempted to emulate the Hardcat methodology.