Asset Audit Services

Fixed Asset Audits Made Easy

Let our professional team audit your fixed asset base giving you a complete up to date picture of your organisations assets with no stress to you or your staff.

You don’t need the Hardcat software to benefit from Audit Services, the data can be delivered in a spreadsheet or any format you wish, with a range of comprehensive reports included.

Our Audit Team (with PDA’s) are accurate and efficient with no disruption to your work place.

Example Data:

  • Asset Code
  • Asset Description
  • Barcode
  • Serial Number
  • Location
  • Cost Centre
  • Person
  • Condition
  • Sub Component
  • Additional user defined fields

Summary Reports:

  • Number of Assets
  • Assets by Location
  • Assets by Cost Centre
  • Assets by Asset type
  • Assets by Person
  • Assets by Condition
  • Asset Inventory List

PDA Sample Screens

Return on Investment (ROI):

  • Find assets you never knew you had. These can then be included in your asset  register and you will receive immediate tax allowances as well as a higher asset value for the company.
  • Discover assets that are registered in your current asset register that cannot be located. This allows immediate write off of these assets and the company receives a rebate from the tax department.
  • Highlight assets that are redundant or no longer in use, and catalogue for disposal.
  • Highlight assets that are in poor condition.
  • Highlight non standard assets.
  • Discover assets that are past their lease expiry date.

Why Use Our Audit Services:

  • 21 years experience in fixed asset auditing.
  • Having audited over 2000 companies in 30 countries.
  • Ability to carry out national and global audits.
  • Hardcat have developed the software for both the PDA as well as the computer to  
    optimise audit speed of delivery while providing the highest possible degree of   
  • We have tried and tested methodology to carry out automated audits.
  • Guaranteed success of project, using proven technology and expert professional
  • Due to the tools written by Hardcat the cost of the audit is significantly reduced.
  • Ability to reconcile audit back to the current asset register.\
  • No one implements an audit better, faster or more cost effectively.
  • Cost of audit will be returned tenfold in results.
  • Minimal impact on your organisations daily operations.
  • Expert audit
  • Speed of delivery
  • % Accuracy
  • Immediate Return on investment
  • Expert audit
  • Guaranteed success