Purchasing & Budgeting Module

The Hardcat Purchasing Module offers system users comprehensive management control of all order processing of purchases, be they assets, stock or services. It handles every step, from budgeting, requisition request, requisition approval, purchase order, goods delivery, to invoicing and conversion of PO items into assets, stock or services. System users can see at a glance what assets are on order, their cost, what has been received and those overdue.

Typical data stored in this module:

  • Product catalogue
  • Supplier list
  • Purchasing limits for users
  • Delivery modes
  • Applicable taxes and rates
  • Currency exchange rates
  • Budget years, cost centres and items
  • Purchase order formats
  • PO Line Item details
  • Invoice details
  • Payment approvals
  • Payment details
  • Purchase order generation
  • Managed budgeting
  • PDA-based functionality
  • Requisitions, quotes and associated approval process
  • Purchase orders (unconfirmed, confirmed, and completed)

Key Benefits

  • Use one system for ordering assets, spare parts, consumables, etc
  • Assets automatically released into the Core System on delivery
  • Order information & supplier details can be quickly identified
  • Fast order processing
  • Improved budget control
  • Problem & outstanding orders identified
  • Significant management time savings
  • Aids budget forecasting
  • Budgeting, purchasing and asset management in one integrated system!

Purchase order templates to match your specification!

Hardcat offers an additional service for the Purchasing module – customised purchase order formats! If you have a desired format (including standard notations, table formats, company logo, etc) we can create a template that exactly matches this format.