Problem Management/Help Desk

The Hardcat Help Desk Module is a solution for Service Desk Management, with incident and problem management, knowledgebase, and a range of powerful reporting on service levels and KPIs. Linking to the asset register in Hardcat also allows users to immediately identify assets under warranty, maintenance support details, the owner and the performance history of each asset.

Typical data stored in this module:

  • Problem and incident types, default priorities, escalations and notifications
  • Problem/incident details (including past problems/incidents)
  • Actions and resolutions taken
  • Knowledgebase, symptoms, solutions
  • Caller database details
  • Service level agreement details
  • Problem and change history, and audit trail

Key Benefits

  • Complete history of all problems and costs for an individual asset
  • Improved operator support confidence
  • Improved equipment quality control & systems support
  • Improved business operating efficiencies
  • Tracking of service level agreements and warranties
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Automatic escalation of outstanding jobs
  • Control of stock usage associated with repairs

Change Management requests can be accurately tracked with a complete audit trail.

The Help Desk Module permits you to track all problem calls and actions taken along with costs. It also contains a knowledge base and comprehensive reporting. Providing you with an effective means to immediately respond to Help Desk inquiries and satisfy your internal constituencies.

Help Desk Stats