Maintenance Management

The maintenance management module allows the scheduling of recurring maintenance or reactive/ ad-hoc work and the delegation of the tasks or work orders to the employees or technician by email, server log-in/network, web interface or PDA update. This module also allows the complete tracking of work history as well as time and cost of maintaining your assets . The user also has the ability to plan and forecast maintenance by calender, usage, asset type, location, individual asset or by technician.

With optional PDA work order management hardware & software (see Catscan)

Typical data stored in this module

  • Tasks by assets description, date, technician or location
  • Task code & description
  • Date and time work to be carried out
  • Engineer required to perform work order
  • Availability table and prioritising
  • Task frequency (date or calibration)
  • Resources required to carry out Task
  • Qualifications required to carry out task
  • Service notes for Task
  • Full details of all actions taken
  • Estimated & Actual cost of maintenance
  • Instructions and associated documents
  • A full audit trail of all maintenance transactions

Key Benefits

  • Complete history of  an asset’s maintenance
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Automatic production of work orders
  • Control of stock usage
  • Forecasting of work to be done by days, weeks, months, years
  • Automatic creation of Purchase Orders for work to be done
  • Maintenance Management and Asset Management in one system
  • Control of Maintenance Management instruction documentation

Pocket PC / PDA Capability (see Catscan)

  • Downloading Maintenance Work Schedules
  • Processing Work Orders On-site
  • Using the PDA Work Order Check List
  • Updating and Closing Work Orders
  • Work Order & Action Creation On-site
  • Update Asset Units (e.g. recording calibrations in the field)
  • Create New Assets Found
  • PDA to Database Server Communication Options
  • Web Interface