Core Module

The Hardcat Core Module lies at the centre of this powerful asset management system. All other modules feed data into this central repository, and refer to it.

Typical data stored in this module:

  • asset details (e.g. type, serial number, description)
  • location, cost centre, owner
  • purchase price, current and insurance valuation
  • warranty/maintenance dates & costs
  • components and attachments
  • movement to different locations, cost centres or people
  • associated asset management costs
  • lease & rental information
  • cost centre & ownership details
  • supplier and maintenance providers
  • user defined information by asset type
  • change history & audit trail.

Search and Reporting

Custom & Management Reports plus Fixed Reports on asset details, cost centres, locations, suppliers and people with assets; base statistics with graphics, system logs, search functionality with export to other software systems.
Information held against each Asset can be searched, accessed and sorted by virtually any field in the Hardcat database, for example:

  • barcode number
  • asset number
  • serial number
  • asset description
  • asset type/sub-type standard name
  • location code and description
  • cost centre code and description
  • supplier
  • owner
  • plus user defined fields

The ability to create user-defined fields enables the user to tailor the database to
meet their organisational management information requirements.

Key Benefits:

  • improved inventory control
  • improved asset management & financial planning
  • improved audit procedures & accurate audit trail
  • improved purchasing information
  • improved equipment planning & replacement management
  • improved maintenance & warranty information
  • reduced labour & administration costs
  • reduced insurance & disaster recovery costs
  • optimum asset utilisation

 The software allows the user to access functionality either via a desktop PC using a client/server application or the web interface or a PDA for certain functionality.