CatScan PDA Software

Cat Scan CatScan PDA Software

This is software designed to operate on a PDA (personal digital assistant) also known as a palmtop computer or pocket PC. 

This assists with accurate, time saving functionality for technicians out in the field and automated updating of the Hardcat database in the following areas:

Barcode Module:

  • Capture of asset records (including assignment of barcode or RFID tag, description, location, cc etc)
  • Auditing of existing asset records (as downloaded from the existing database)
  • Automated updating of existing asset record (Location, owner, condition etc)
  • Asset movement and logging (goods in, goods out)
  • Option Menus to modify field selection
  • Wireless vs batch update, and a range of other system options.


Desktop PC-based functionality for processing “CatScan” data includes:

  • CatScan Export Function
  • Processing batch Data Files from the Pocket PC
  • Reports
  • Page Layout & Printing Barcodes
  • Movement of assets using fixed barcode or RFID scanner (with optional return date and comment)

Help Desk Module:

  • Exporting Help Desk Problems to the Pocket PC
  • Work Scheduling and Allocation
  • Pocket PC Help Desk Problem Logging
  • Pocket PC Help Desk Problem Creation
  • Creating Actions for Problems on Pocket PC
  • Problem Check List
  • PDA to database server communication options (batch mode vs wireless)
  • Processing Help Desk Problem Information

Maintenance Module:

  • Pocket PC Maintenance - Work Scheduling
  • Update Asset Units (e.g. recording calibrations in the field)
  • Pocket PC Work Order Creation
  • Creating Actions for Pocket PC Work Orders
  • Using the Pocket PC Work Order Check List
  • PDA to database server communication options (batch mode vs wireless)
  • Processing Work Order Information

Purchasing Module:

  • Delivering Purchase Order Items via Pocket PC
  • Downloading Purchasing Pocket PC Data
  • Processing Purchase Order Delivery Information

PDA Sample Screens