Recruitment Process Outsourcing: Is It a Wise Option for Your Business?

Posted on May 17, 2016

Companies generally try to avoid firing employees unless it’s an absolute necessity. There are strict government laws in place that prevent companies from firing employees without solid grounds. After an employee is fired, the company has to pay a severance package to the employee, and then start the search for a new employee. Needless to say, this is not as simple or as straightforward as it looks. The current position of the job market is extremely bad. Ever since the market crash of 2008, people have found it difficult to find sustainable employment.

In fact, numerous studies have shown that most people working in lowly positions at companies are pretty overqualified for their jobs. The human resources department is responsible for firing or hiring new employees. Whenever a vacancy arises in the company, the HR department is responsible for sending out adverts in local newspapers and publishing details of the job opening online. Applications are then accepted for a particular time period.

Once the application period closes, the human resource managers get to work. They go through all the applications and create a shortlist of the most viable candidates. After this, they make interview calls to prospective candidates. Once the interviews have been conducted, the company makes a decision about which candidate to hire. Needless to say, all this takes a considerable bit of company time, money and resources. For small business owners, it’s quite difficult to spend so much money just to hire a new employee.

However, even large organisations have now begun to outsource the recruitment process to professional companies. RPO recruitment has become a very common thing nowadays, with multinational corporations, private organisations and small business owners generally opting to outsource their recruitment processes.

What Is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Recruitment process outsourcing is a business process in which a company transfers all, or a part, of the recruitment process to a third party RPO agency. The RPO agency is responsible for finding reliable candidates for a particular job opening at the company. It is important to note that RPO agencies are very different from standard staffing companies. Staffing companies generally work with a select group of staff. RPO agencies generally assume ownership of the recruitment process altogether and also take responsibility for the results.

Should You Outsource Your Company’s Recruitment Processes?

A lot of the company’s resources are used in carrying out background checks and running verifications before a new employee is hired for the job. Similarly, all interviews are also conducted on company time and expense. If you were to outsource the recruitment process altogether, you would be able to save a great deal of money in the long run. It’s a great option for small business owners that are looking to expand operations and bring on more employees. The company will handle all stages of the recruitment process, so your business won’t hit a snag either. It’s an affordable, viable option for your business!

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