Pushing Your Team Too Far? Improving Efficiency without the Tyranny

Posted on Mar 11, 2015

You probably know by now that running a business is no easy feat. When you're faced with risks, challenges and doubts on a daily basis, it's quite easy to lose grip on some of the most important aspects of your business, one of which is your team.

Efficiency is very important to survive in such a highly demanding and often chaotic industry. Every step you take should be planned well and every investment you make should be thought about many times. Most importantly, you have to make the most out of every minute to ensure that you're delivering the goods and maintaining good quality while you're at it.

However, there are times when efficiency becomes a huge challenge for your business and no matter how you push your team to be more efficient, things just don't fall into place. But are you really doing things right? Or are you turning into a tyrant?

So, what exactly should you do to be more efficient without being too pushy?

Make sure that you and your team are on the same page.

Goal setting is very important in business because it doesn't only help you stay on track with your efforts but also keeps you and your team on the same page. Remember that while this is your business, you wouldn't be able to achieve your goals without the help of your employees. This is why it's very important to communicate your goals clearly to them.

Make them understand what you're trying to achieve, why you want to achieve them and how you would want to do it. By letting your team know what your vision is, helping them improve their skills by giving some training courses from www.spearhead-training.co.uk, you'll make them feel that they play an important role in achieving your goal, which in turn would motivate them to work harder and be better at what they do. If they need further coaching on how to achieve their personal career goals along with the company's objectives, then maybe these resources can help:

Try to look for ways to lighten up their load.

No matter how hard working your team is, you can't let them do so many things at one time and expect the best results. Remember that while you have to be as efficient as possible, overworking your team will do you no good. So instead of giving them so many tasks, try to look for ways to lighten up their load. For instance, you can hire the audit team of AIM – Asset Inventory Management to take audit your fixed asset base. Since these people have the experience and expertise in the field, they can easily complete the task without any glitches. You can also invest in software that lets you manage your assets more conveniently.

Another example would be using digital marketing services such as the SEO by Hawkify in Yorkshire. By entrusting the tasks to the professionals, you can be sure of getting satisfactory results without taxing your employees who may not be familiar with the job.

If you're in a tour or accommodation business, you can lighten the workload of your employees with the help of a reliable and customised booking system such as the one offered at www.netbookings.com.au. In this way, you will also be able to process transactions faster and easier.

Here are more professional companies that you can hire:

Finally, you should learn how to motivate your team the right way. Sometimes, you might be so caught up in your emotions that you end up saying the wrong things to your team. While there's nothing wrong with speaking your mind, you have to be careful with your words so you can really motivate your team and not let their spirits down further. If you need to provide feedback, be as constructive as possible and focus on the solutions rather than the mistakes or problems. Open the lines of communication with your team and learn how to listen to them.

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