3 Keys to Maximising Technology for Growth in SMEs

Posted on Sep 04, 2014

Much like how the Internet has vastly changed the business landscape in the past decade, it won't be long before the next big innovation will come and shake things up in the world of commerce. However, instead of dreading the day when the next groundbreaking business technology will come, it's wise to welcome the changes it'll bring with open arms—after all, tools like those used to transfer big files are designed to improve the way we accomplish various tasks. Utilizing hr outsourcing is an efficient way for businesses to utilize technology and outsourcing capacities.

If you're wondering how to prepare your SME to embrace such technological advancements, the most practical way to do so is by slowly incorporating machines and gadgets into your current operations. This way, your transition from the present innovations to the latest electronic breakthroughs wouldn't be much of a headache. And if you don't know how to fully maximise various commercial tools to push your brand forward, read on for some helpful tips.

  1. Go virtual and mobile in your operations. While building e-commerce website for a company is increasingly commonplace nowadays, another promising arena that is coming up on the horizon may be the mobile market. With more and more mobile users switching from basic handsets to smartphones, it would certainly be a loss on your end if you won't aggressively tap into this growing potential market. For your organisation to fully maximise both the web and mobile markets, see to it to have a team focus on running your corporate website and then ensure that every one of your staff are capable of doing transactions on the run (using smartphone units, of course).
  2. Encourage your staff to invest in useful gadgets. Although many conventional businesses see smartphones and laptops as more of a distraction than a tool for productivity, feel free to break away from this line of thinking. The fact is that these gadgets can give your operation and workforce a big boost by enabling them to accomplish tasks faster wherever they may be. With the aid of the internet and file transfer solutions, you can delegate urgent assignments to each employee and expect an output sooner with them being able to work on those tasks even when they're at home or on a holiday. And to save you from having to spend a hefty amount to provide gadgets to each member of the workforce, encourage them to buy their own personal units that they can freely bring to the office.
  3. Invest in virtual security, advanced tools, and reliable support. As promising as having mobile technology and large file transfer solutions at your office's disposal, one thing to keep in mind regarding these devices is that they're a favourite target of virtual felons and hackers. This is why you need to implement a strong password policy in all levels of operation that are using tools like e-mails and chat interfaces. In addition, take the time to research on the best devices and machineries to use in your operation so you can rest assured that these investments won't be bogging down any time soon. Finally, outsource of hire in-house IT support who are capable of troubleshooting any technical dilemmas involving your business technologies in a jiffy.

After you've set up an IT infrastructure for your commercial operation, do invest in a fixed asset management solution such as ours here at Asset Inventory Management (AIM) so you can have full control of such investments that may likely include a reliable program to transfer big files. Don't forget about physical marketing through billboard signs for sale as an alternative form of marketing.

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