The Great Influence of Smartphones on Managing Your Business

Posted on Sep 16, 2013

An iPhone 4s may come in handy at times when you want to listen to music, stream videos and do other entertaining stuff at home, in the office and anywhere you may be; but, did you know that a smartphone can even do more than mobile entertainment?

Thanks to iPhone 4s and other innovative phones nowadays, entrepreneurs have a chance to handle business operations even if they are not staying in their offices. Smartphones make it easy for business owners to communicate with distant employees, reach out to a wide range of clients, set business meetings, prepare for a conference, store business files, save and send vital data, research about the market, monitor profit, and do other crucial tasks that help them maintain their enterprises and achieve further excellence; and these mobile activities can be easily performed anytime, anywhere!

If you want to find out how to take advantage of a smartphone to manage your business 24 hours a day and seven days a week, pay attention to these pointers:

Using a Software

You can make use of software to track assets, such as computers and cars. This makes it easy for you and your staff to come up with an inventory, which is important for your business in many ways. Firstly, it keeps you informed about the availability of all your products and notifies you if there are supplies that you already need to update. Secondly, it helps you in making sure that all in-demand products are present in your store and that you are able to satisfy client requests all the time. Thirdly, it assures you that your computers and other vital equipment are well maintained and regularly repaired and that your business never runs out of essential supplies. You can reap all of these benefits by investing in the asset management software that our company provides. The Fixed Asset Management system sold here will surely make your inventory tasks more real-time and convenient. You can then install such innovative software on your smartphone, laptop, iPad or any other portable device so that you can keep track of your assets 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Installing Business Apps

Aside from making use of asset management software, you should install mobile applications that can help you do various business tasks while on the go. Here are some of today’s must-have apps:

  • QuickBooks – This app is available for iPhone and Android devices. QuickBooks are cloud accounting solutions that make it easy for entrepreneurs to manage business finances.
  • – It lets you monitor your cash flow. This app is able to organise and categorise all your spending, helping you set a budget and track financial goals conveniently.
  • Box – Online sharing and managing of files becomes easy with the help of this innovative application.
  • Skype – This enables you to make free online calls, instant messages and video chats.
  • Get Satisfaction Mobile – It is a community platform that a business can use to engage customers more, gain more customers and improve customer service.

With the right software and applications, you can make the most of your own smartphone to manage a successful business!