Tips on improving your business operations

Posted on Feb 11, 2016

Whatever type of business you run; being able to improve the way it operates is important and is something that you will need to keep on top of all the time. If you work in the food processing industry, then you might benefit from investing in new equipment from time to time, as modern technology is always advancing to new levels so the equipment you used a couple of years ago might now be out of date.


Modern Equipment


You will also need to ensure that you are managing your company assets properly at all times and this is a good way to ensure that you can identify ways to save money and time in your day to day operations. If you want to invest in some modern food processing equipment, then you will need to ensure that your accounts are all up to date to make sure that you can afford to make such an investment.


Below are some of the most highly sought after items that anyone involved in the food processing industry might benefit from investing in:


Ø  Pasteurising and cooling tunnels

Ø  Large vessels and kettles for batch cooking

Ø  Steam jacketed kettles

Ø  Pressure and vacuum kettles


It is highly beneficial to buy equipment that is self-cleaning as this will save you a lot of time and hassle. You should also be able to programme your most commonly used recipes so that the machine can do a lot of the hard work for you and you will need to find products that are energy efficient to ensure you save energy whenever possible.


You can do all of the following processes with the right equipment:


·       Sterilisation

·       Pasteurisation

·       Evaporation cooking

·       Vacuuming and concentrations


However, working out a budget before you invest in such equipment is vital and you will need to know exactly how much money your business is making - and has the potential to make - before buying new food processing equipment. One way to do this is to contact a company that specialises in Asset Inventory Management (AIM).


Asset Inventory Management


A company like this will be able to collect all of your data to create a report that outlines information about all of your assets. They will basically audit your assets to provide you with accurate information about your current assets and this is often done through specialist software.


You will need to find a company that offers all of the following:


Ø  Help to configure the software

Ø  Training on how to use the software

Ø  Telephone support on how to manage the software


A reliable company will also be able to provide you with RFID tags, PDA readers that are pre-programmed and ready to use with your current system and barcode labels to help you to continue to be able to manage your assets effectively.


Whether you want to invest in new assets or better manage your existing ones, you will need to ensure you are on top of your daily business operations to successfully grow your business. 

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