Empowering Your Team Begins with These Three Simple Steps

Posted on Aug 28, 2015

Business is one crazy world, that's for sure, and to keep your sanity together, you will need the right people on your side. That's why you have your employees—the people who have your back every single day, working hard to achieve your goals and help you hit your bottomline.

You're probably paying them well and providing them with the right benefits and training courses like the Powerpoint 2013 training at www.nhaustralia.com.au, which is good. But have you ever thought about how you could empower your team? Here are three steps that you can follow:

1. Be sensitive to their needs.

Your team already knows that you're busy and that you probably don't have the time to look around the office and cater to their needs. Well, you have to make time because if you continue neglecting your employees' needs, they'll start feeling less valued, which could be a reason for attrition. Something as simple as investing in good data cabling in Brisbane to ensure you have good and sturdy connection will definitely motivate your team to do their best at work every day since they're already provided with the things they need.

2. Be proactive in introducing innovations in your company.

Successful companies always try to innovate to make their system better, and that's exactly what you should do. If you're still using old methods that are taking up most of your team's time and effort, maybe it's time to switch to newer alternatives that will lighten up their load and increase your efficiency. One good example would be the technology that we offer that will help you manage your assets more effectively. Let your employees take up test and tag courses to improve their skill sets.

3. Be the boss who appreciates his team.

It's so easy to think that a good salary is enough to let your team know that you appreciate them. Truth is, most employees actually look for more than just money to feel empowered and inspired. If it has been a long time since you said “thank you” to an employee who's doing well or rewarded a number of people who worked above and beyond to deliver a very important project, it's about time you bring the tradition of appreciation back. You don't have to spend a lot of money to make this happen because even a simple note, a gift certificate or even a little recognition on your bulletin board will already mean a lot to your team.

One great way to let your team know that you appreciate the hard work they carry out for you day after day is to take them on a team-building exercise. Australia is a fantastic place for trips away and a great example for a staff day out is whale watching in Sydney. Let your team get reacquainted with nature and show them you appreciate all their efforts.

For sure, there is no perfect entrepreneur, but that doesn't mean you can't be a great boss to your team. While you may not have everything figured out in this industry called business, having an empowered team on your side will surely make you successful.

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